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Since 15th of December, 2021, international students and Australian citizens, permanent residence and temporary visa holders are able to enter Australia. See below for current requirements.


Certificates will be required for all people who live in, or travel to, tropical countries that meet the current requirements.

  • Issued by a national or state authority or a valid vaccination provider

  • Written in English or accompanied by an NAT translation

Containing at least:

  • The name as it appears on the traveller's passport

  • Date of birth or passport number

Paper certificates and digital certificates are accepted.

Please note: Take the Yellow Fever vaccination at least 10 days before your trip.


In the case that you already have a valid visa granted by the Australian Government, you may enter Australia.

If you do not have one, you must apply for a visa for which you are eligible, wait for processing by the Australian Government and, once approved, you may enter Australia, following the rules laid down.

Student visa applications in the coming days and weeks are expected to increase exponentially, so we anticipate some delays in processing student visas. You are reminded that a new application will follow the same procedures for visa applications prior to the pandemic period, that is, the process of school registration, aquiring mandatory health insurance and demonstration of supporting documentation will be necessary when applying for your student visa.

Count on YOOZ on this journey! We are waiting for you!

We are here to accompany you throughout your journey!

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