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student visa to gold coast


Ralph Marston

student visa gold coast


All non-Australian citizens need a visa to enter the country. This is the first step towards achieving your dream. There are several types, but the most common among them are student and tourist (unless they already come with a work visa) to get into the kangaroos land. This process is done directly by Yooz, which will give you all the security and expertise you need.

student visa gold coast


turism visa gold coast


Student visa is for anyone who plans to study for more than 14 weeks in Australia. Studies may vary from English Courses to Higher Education degrees. The first step is to select the study location.

The average time for applying for the student visa is 25 working days (deadline subject to change). It is recommended that the student enter the application two months in advance to avoid contingencies.

The student visa allows the student to work 20 hours a week, thus helping with expenses during the exchange period.

This visa is for those who wish to take a trip to Australia or want to travel for social reasons, such as visiting friends or relatives. Also for those who want to take a fast course of up to 12 weeks in the country.

Tourist visas do not allow the traveler to work the 20-hour week, even if he / she studies during this time in the country.


Todas as pessoas que não são cidadãs australianas precisam de visto para entrar no país. Esse é o primeiro passo para a realização do seu sonho. São diversos tipos, mas os mais comuns entre eles, para entrar na terra dos cangurus, são os de estudante e de turista (a não ser que já venha com visto de trabalho). Esse processo é feito diretamente pela Yooz, que vai te dar toda a segurança e praticidade que você precisa!



NAATI is the national association for accrediting and standardising translators and interpreters in Australia. There are many of the documents that need to be translated and sent to Australian authorities must be sworn in according to NAATI standards.


Some examples of documents that require NAATI translation:


• Driver's license

• Diplomas and school or university records

• Proof of income

• Criminal record

• Bank statement and income tax

• Certifications

student accommodation in gold coast


Yooz Study knows it is not an easy task to leave your country, go to a continent that is on the other side of the globe after a long flight and still have to worry about where you will spend the first few days of your exchange. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the main accommodation styles that international students are looking for when it comes to exchange, comfort and good prices are the first items on the list.

See the options below and choose the one that best fits your profile and budget.

student accommodation in gold coast

YOOZ             HOMES

In the heart of Surfers Paradise, Yooz Homes are the base that you need when you arrive in Gold Coast. Central apartments, fully furnished with all the necessary infrastructure to receive our customers in the first days of Australia.

homestay in gold coast


The main purpose of family accommodation is to immerse the student in the culture of the country. It’s a good request for those who want to practice English and have direct contact with local customs.

share house in gold coast


The share house is the main choice of students because it’s the most economical way to live, also it’s an opportunity to live and make friends with people from all over the world.

hostel in gold coast


hotel in gold coast


As an economical option, there are students who prefer to stay in a hostel in the first weeks of the exchange.

It can be a good option to save money and get to know the city better and then choose the best dwelling which match with you.

A traditional option for those who value privacy and comfort. It can be a good choice for your first weeks in Australia until you find your ideal accommodation.


flight tickets to gold coast

Brazil (São Paulo or RJ) – Santiago Chile/ Chile – Australia

By South African Airways:

Brazil (São Paulo) – Joanesburgo/ Joanesburgo – Australia

By Emirates or Etihad Airways:

Brazil (São Paulo) –  Dubai / Dubai – Australia 


By QATAR Airways:

Brazil (São Paulo) –  Doha / Doha – Australia 

By American Airlines:

Brazil (São Paulo) –  US / US – Australia 

To check other options please contact us.

job support in gold coast
Passagens Aéreas
Suporte Empregos

Due to the length of flight, travel to Australia is not one of the most enjoyable trips to do.

To start your journey search bellow.


We know how difficult is arriving in a new country and have to worry about getting a new job, often in a whole new field of experience. To facilitate the our students job hunting, we select the best opportunities for them and our team:

  • Daily post job opportunities in the Facebook groups: "Jobs Gold Coast" and "Brazilians in Gold Coast".

  • Also provides tips and assistance to make your resume  and cover letter in English.

Health Insurance
documentation to work gold coast

Issuance of the TFN (Tax File Number): Compulsory registration for payment of taxes and receipt of salaries.

Issuance of ABN (Australia Business Number): Registration of self-employed workers in Australia.

Support to issuance of the RSA Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA): Certificate required for students seeking to work in establishments selling alcoholic beverages.



OSHC is the Australian Government's compulsory health insurance that must be paid for the whole time of your exchange. It’s a basic coverage that gives the student access to the public health system in Australia. Coverage includes:

  • Appointments 

  • Certain exams

  • X ray

  • Hospital medical treatment

  • Medications prescribed by your doctor

  • Ambulance for emergency care

Contact Yooz Study to get the most appropriate travel insurance for your profile.

workshops gold coast

Presented by Australian market professionals, Yooz Study prepares free workshops for our students every fortnight. With relevant themes, we aim to keep our students always updated, offering tips and relevant information for their success.



turism visa gold coast


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